Hello and welcome to Sun Over Mountain, the Classical Five Element Acupuncture practice of Kyle Hartman located in Mill Valley, California.  Kyle can help you return to your optimal state using ancient Chinese medical therapies to balance Qi, resolve symptoms and find your best health. 

*If you do not see an available time that works for you please contact Kyle as there maybe openings not shown online.

About Kyle 

Kyle Hartman is a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist certified by both the National Board of Acupuncture and the California Acupuncture board.  

A word From Kyle:

My work began in the realm of building and fixing things.  I have a degree in architecture and a side-career in design-build., At some point I realized that I am driven by the desire to create spaces which follow the patterns of nature and use materials in ways that highlight their beauty and potential, to inspire a sense of calm and connection, at once “at home” and expansive.  When I first received a Five Element Acupuncture treatment I felt exquisitely calm, connected to and in awe of the world around me.  The connection became immediately clear, that what I was attempting to create with space and material could more directly be accomplished with needles! While I still love building (mostly furniture these days) I am truly passionate about helping my patients find these places where they truly feel at home, expansive and themselves … and also pain free.   

When I am not in the office you can usually find me at home at Slide Ranch where I live with my wife Julie, son Lev and daughter Uma.  Now that Lev is 5 I have a great excuse to play with Legos again and on the occasional day off of work and dad-hood you might catch me at Bolinas looking for waves.  In addition to acupuncture I build custom furniture and acupuncture accessories.  Check my work out HERE

  • Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine – The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Diploma in Classical Five Element Acupuncture – Khosrow Khalighi

  • 2 Year and counting partnership/apprenticeship with Khosrow Khalighi

  • Apprentice Teacher – Five Element Trainings w/ Khosrow Khalighi

  • Director of Five Element Trainings

  • Certificate in Tui Na Massage Technique (also taught these techniques at the ACTCM as a TA to John Ellis.)

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training – Rusty Wells Yoga

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training – Laughing Lotus


Approach to Wellness

I love this medicine for its ability to affect change in my patients’ lives.  Five Element acupuncture is a tool to help people move towards their natural state of health. Facilitating the proper functioning of body, mind and spirit, there is no limit to the realm of change that can arise.  In this system nothing happens in isolation; often physical symptoms resolve first and, as this occurs, patients will also begin to notice that they feel more relaxed, focused and productive. One patient explained simply that she feels, “more herself, more true.”

The basic theory of classical Five Element acupuncture derives from observations of the patterns and energetic changes that exist in the natural world as well as within us. Each of us is constitutionally aligned with one or a combination of five elements: earth, fire, metal, wood or water. Diagnosis depends upon the sensory acuity of the practitioner as well as dialog with the patient.  The four main diagnostic factors are the color in specific areas of the patient’s face, sound of the voice, subtle odor and the patient’s underlying, dominant emotion. It’s also quite amazing that when, for example, your liver needs support there may be a subtle but distinct green color in your face: totally odd but undeniably effective.  Simply put, we go beyond the diagnosis of a disease, instead seeking to understand each patient from a comprehensive perspective and, using acupuncture and other therapies, help the body, mind and spirit all function in accord with nature.  When this occurs, symptoms naturally resolve from their deep origin.

Pulse reading is an integral aspect of Five Element acupuncture treatment.  The pulse serves as a diagnostic tool as well as the main feedback mechanism, providing an objective and immediate response to treatment. Through the 12 different pulses found on your inner wrist, a trained practitioner can assess the energetic quality of 12 body systems and their relation to one another.  After each needle I refer back to the pulse to check what has changed.  Only then can I decide what needs to happen next.  This leads to treatments which are tailored to exactly what each patient needs in a given moment.  For me this is a daily amazement.  Feeling a pulse change entirely in both quality and quantity, even from a single needle, is utterly amazing. 

As you may know, Chinese Medicine is largely based on Qi.  Qi is what animates and coordinates life.  It is what I am sensing in the pulses and affecting with needles and moxabustion.  Qi is what makes you feel better too. For a more detailed description, check out this article I wrote to help my patients understand Qi.  

What does Five Element Acupuncture treat?  

This is a question I am asked daily and my answer is always the same: this system treats the patient.  We do not diagnose disease. The goal of this system is to correct energetic imbalance so that the patient can then heal any symptoms from the inside out.  From this perspective, symptoms are simply distress signals from the body letting you know that something is wrong.  If we were to only treat the symptom and not the underlying cause, the body would remain in distress and find other ways of letting us know, by producing the same or a new symptom. 

So can Five Element Acupuncture help you and your specific condition? Absolutely. I treat a lot of patients who “tried everything” before coming to acupuncture and have had profound results.  Due to the pace of modern life, we are all accustomed to pushing against nature and living in ways that stress our body, mind and spirit.  Five Element Acupuncture can help you feel what it’s like to move toward balance.  As you become more and more accustomed to feeling good, you will grow more aware when you start to fall out of balance, eventually even before you become symptomatic.  In this way treatment helps reeducate the patient into a more highly attuned and sustainable equilibrium.

Some of my patients’ most common issues:

Pain of all shapes and sizes, fatigue, low immune system, cancer, anxiety, depression, auto- immune disease, insomnia, high stress, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, male and female infertility, injury/accident recovery, women’s & men’s health, Lyme’s disease, cardiovascular disease.  

Working With Me

Prior to your first visit I will contact you by phone so that we can discuss your goals for treatment and address any questions you may have.  The initial intake will take place in an appointment following our phone conversation and will take between 1 ½ and 2 hours. I will develop a treatment plan in consideration of your preferences for treatment options.  


Primary Treatment

Initial Treatment 


The initial intake is a highly detailed process conducted on your first visit.  It includes a physical exam, health history and the initial treatment.  

·      Time: 1 ½ - 2 hours

  • Cost: $250




Treatments can include any number of the following therapies: acupuncture, Tui Na (traditional Chinese massage), and cupping.  In addition, treatment plans may include an herbal prescription or dietary recommendation. 

·      Time 30-45 min  

  • Cost $125

Other Services

Tui Na Massage


Tui Na is a therapeutic form of classical Chinese bodywork that is highly effective at moving qi through the body to encourage the healing process.  

·      Time 30 min 

  • Cost $100


Sun Over Mountain does accept insurance, please contact Kyle to find out what your policy covers.

We aim to make treatment available to those who need it, if finances are a concern please talk to Kyle directly.



Contact Kyle directly with any questions or to book an appointment.  

Phone: (415) 910-0685


Sun Over Mountain is located in Mill Valley California

Address: 201 Miller Ave, Mill Valley Ca, 94941

Street parking is ample. The main entrance is on the side of the building along the driveway.